The Soap Lake Lava®Lamp is a technically advanced structure incorporating fabric tension, high efficiency solar cell, and advanced laser projection technology to mimic the random, fluid, bubble-like "lava" forms universally associated with the classic Lava®Lamp manufactured by Lava®Lite LLC.

The laser projectors have the capability of projecting a wide variety of images via rear screen projection onto the enclosing weatherproof fabric scrim fabricated from Tenara® architectural fabric by SEFAR. This remarkable fabric is woven with durable fibers developed by W. L. Gore (manufactures of Gore-Tex).

The principal function of the Lava®Lamp will be one hour "performances" beginning at dusk every evening and cycling through a complete event. The event would begin with a slow, rolling effect of the lava solids as they appear to slowly heat, shift, and position before transforming into the world famous shape mutations, gently rising and falling for several minutes then eventually subsiding and returning to rest at the bottom of the lamp until the next showing. Through the night a soft, warm glow would be visible until daybreak when the sculptural form will stand quietly alone in preparation for the next nightly "event."

The Lava®Lamp will also be used for special events and seasonal showings. Customized thematic programs will be developed for holidays and for special interest groups such as the Ice Age Floods Geologic Trail, Coulee Corridor National Scenic Byway, the Audubon Society's Great Washington State Coulee Corridor Birding Trail, Soap Lake Conservancy, Soap Lake Heritage, the Colville Indian tribes, and others. Seasonal shows will be available to enhance local town celebrations and activities such as Winterfest, New Year's, 4th of July, Lava Love Run, Smokiam Days, and others.

It is anticipated visitors will be inclined to have a meal, stay overnight, visit other area attractions, and return often to see new showings. The technology is such that no two showings will be the same.

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